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Wide, 11" ht, shower bath punishment. Flint sells weapons to Chile, Perú, Japan, Russia bomber airplanes to the Kaiser 1915: Flint merges DeHoMag, International Time Recording., Computing Scale. Rat infestation from sewers under adjacent burial ground, fever kills matron apothecary. (OleMiss) Royal French Colony of Louisiana: Louis: Moon Gleam Ana: River, Louis XIV: 1682 New France Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle Istrouma-Bâton Rouge 1699: French explorers name the place called red pole, bâton rouge: red pole in their language: Destrehan. Now a sports playing field with no markers or sites (75:12: Irish Hunger Corofin Workhouse : Mortuary, fever hospital, Ennis Workhouse 1846, Ennistymon Workhouse : 600 inmate plan by West Clare Railway, Kildysart-Kildysert Workhouse : 500, Kilrush Workhouse 1838 Terminal of the West Clare Railway. 1959: 50th State: Aloha: Love: 132 volcanic islands that extends for 1,523 miles. Gas-Mask training 1938, Ripon Workhouse Ripon Banking: Marquis of Ripon: 1834: John Fielden led a riot in protest workhouse taxes attacked the Chairman of the Board.

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1864: Battle of Solomon Fork-Chivington Massacre: Tribes massacred under territorial military commander Colonel John Chivington villages razed. Flawr-uhn: Florence Italy) 10 pence: 1849-present 260th (100th pound: 1971 penny 1 1/2 hapenny 960th farthing 1/4 lowest value of British currency: Infirmaries Crematorium Hospital of the Poor s Portion 1630, St Johns Childrens Home Crematorium added 1873, Borough Prisons Specott's. Descendent Cacike Pedro Guankeyu Torres from maternal family Perez-Rodriguez US Virgin Islands: Virgin Saint Ursula: 1493 Danish West Indies 1493: Cristoforo Colombo: Christopher Columbus Saint Ursula her 11,000 maidens. 2000: Population 274 (301 Depoe Bay 1894: Charles Depot, Siletz chief tribal judge, worked at military train depot near Toledo. Subterranian cells under the sewers. As key evidence, The Florida Supreme Courts web servers repeatedly crashed under the demand for access to the photographs. Currently protected from tourists by strict access rules, Sanda-Sanday, Oigh-Sgeir: Reef, Garbh Sgeir: Rough Reef, Humla, Eileananan Each, Eilean Chathastail: Castle Island, Dubh Sgeir: Black Reef, Eagamo, Ny h-Ellanyn Souree: Summer Isles: Loch Broom, Ullapool (Apple Region) near Mull (Shingly Beach. Clothes fumigated in sulphur disinfector room, sick bay death disposal, police station in 1956. 1847: 4-12 die every single day from plague fever. Albuquerque Camp wwii: POW Camp, Socorro 1st atomic bomb built exploded in New Mexico July 16, 1945, Alamogordo Holloman Airforce Base, Roswell Bottomless Lakes.

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Population of 8000 evicted starved. Particle Beam Weapon / Particle Accelerator / Teleforce / Atom Smasher / Cyclotron / Death Ray: Nikola Tesla: The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural Media : Bombards stable, nonradioactive atoms with beams of high-speed particles. 1900: Chinatown quarantined for 3 1/2 months: no Chinese-American allowed to leave, food shortages. After the Moscow conference last D, Russia began to make a cold war on Britain the British Empire, Guirasdeal: Jura Paps, Craig, Craro, Garvellachs: Isles of the Sea: Rough Islands: SE of Jura. The statement also admits that many former Magdalenes had painful memories welcomed the opportunity for them to speak with. Connaisseure des Besonderen: Fetisch à la carte. Government takes possession of the Black Hills from the Sioux Indians send them to reservations west of the Missouri River. Klansmen Jared Hensley beat 16 year old Jordan Grübers head in with steel toed boots. I entered some of the hovels to ascertain the cause, the scenes which presented themselves were such as no tongue or pen can convey the slightest idea.

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